We successfully fulfill our mission to disseminate quality standards in language education and regularly conduct refresher courses for teachers for free for 17 years already!

Together with our colleagues from other countries, we have accumulated colossal experience in using modern communication methods. To date, the Lingua School is one of the leading centers for the professional development of English language teachers. We also offer general English courses for children, teenagers and adults, courses for special purposes, as well as training courses for international exams.

Activities of the school

English Learning Programs

We offer general English courses for children, teenagers and adults, courses for special purposes, as well as preparation courses for international examinations.

Cooperation with networked schools allows us to exchange experience with colleagues from other countries and maintain high educational standards.

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Тренинги для учителей


Образовательные и социальные проекты

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Why choose us?

Lingua School has been successfully working in the field of teaching English for children and adults since our opening in 2001. This year we turn 17 years old.

Modern training program

The level program is developed on the basis of CEFR (Pan-European Competences) and adapted to the needs of our students. At the heart of the training is the balanced development of all language skills, the mastering of grammar and the expansion of vocabulary

Convenient office location

We are located in the city center with convenient access roads. The building is located on Sovetskaya Street (opposite the Hyatt Hotel) in 2 minutes from public transport and a large parking space along the street. Abdymomunova.

Professionalism of our team

Our teaching staff are highly qualified specialists in the field of English language teaching. Our teachers regularly participate in international programs for professional development and constantly share their experience with teachers from all regions of the country through free trainings

Original teaching aids

We use only original educational materials MacmillanEducation - one of the oldest publishers with a worldwide reputation. The educational complex, including the main textbook, workbook and audio discs, includes interesting exercises that develop not only linguistic knowledge, but also the general outlook, as well as the skills of critical thinking and creativity

Communicative methods

Our methods allow us not only to develop language skills and competencies, but also to prepare graduates of our courses to use the language in real life situations and in accordance with the training needs

Knowledge Monitoring

During the training, a so-called revision of knowledge is regularly conducted through thoughtful exercises in the training complex. Also, the progress of knowledge is taken into account during the project and systemic interactive work. At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course, written testing takes place.

Friendly atmosphere

Our students study the language in a comfortable learning environment. We are not afraid to make mistakes and freely speak out because we all, always and all learn - through the exchange of knowledge and mutual assistance!

School life in:
Our projects
Школа английского языка «Лингва»
Training for Secondary School Teachers in Bishkek: Innovative Tools and Methods of Teaching English in Secondary Education
Organized by Lingua and supported by the US Embassy Practical, hands-on course with focus on applying innovative teaching techniques and textbooks in the EFL classroom.
Training for male future teachers
  • English for Life
    English for Life – это еженедельный разговорный клуб для подростков. Во время встреч клуба учащиеся развивают как навыки английского языка, так и навыки лидерства, критическое мышление, коммуникативные и другие навыки необходимые в 21 веке. Часто успешные люди из различных сфер посещают клуб в...
  • Общественное объединение Young Educators
    Общественное объединение Young Educators было создано как расширение школы молодых учителей – инициативы, предложенной государственным департаментом образования в Бишкеке и фондом Лингва. Школа молодых учителей начиналась как неформальное объединение около ста учителей английского языка, котор...
  • Natalia
    Schoolboy, Graduated Intermediate level
    About Lingua school you can leave only positive feedback. English is studied easily, lessons are often held in a playful form. The training program is designed in such a way that it is suitable for almost any student. Thanks to native speakers and Talking clubs, I increased my speaking level. Thanks...
  • Ayan Aliyeva
    Hello. Our daughter Ayana began to attend Lingua classes from the second grade. Ayana began her education with an intensive summer course. Walked every day, 5 times a week. FROM September she began to walk individually, tk. visited other clubs, and the group did not work on time. Individual classes ...
  • Темирлан
    Всем привет! Хочу выразить огромную благодарность школе английского языка Lingua school в лице Гульнары Назарбековой за оказанную поддержку. Удобное месторасположение, приятная администрация, а самое важное – хороший состав преподавателей и отличные знания....
  • Айгерим
    Я ходила на курсы в Лингве полгода и за это время мой английский намного улучшился. Это одна из немногих школ, где я действительно увидела прогресс. А еще мне нравится приятная и дружелюбная абмосфера школы....
  • Нурлан Молдомуров
    Я ходила на курсы в Лингве полгода и за это время мой английский намного улучшился. Это одна из немногих школ, где я действительно увидела прогресс.
  • Асель Джаксымбаева
    Если сравнить Лингву с другими курсами английского в Бишкеке, то мы думаем что они на первом месте. Наша вторая доча Адия тоже ходит на курсы Лингва, на индивидуальные занятия. Надеемся что она также успешно закончит все уровни....
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