Ayan Aliyeva


Our daughter Ayana began to attend Lingua classes from the second grade. Ayana began her education with an intensive summer course. Walked every day, 5 times a week. FROM
September she began to walk individually, tk. visited other clubs, and the group did not work on time. Individual classes also liked, Ayan
visited them with pleasure. The hour passed quickly, interestingly and effectively.
Of course, on the one hand, individual lessons were more effective, because all the attention of the teacher was focused on one student. But the group had their own
advantages: communication, acquaintance with other students, and it was with whom to compare your level of knowledge, compete with other children in school.
What is good is that there are different teachers at each level, and the children have experience.
From each teacher you can learn something new and interesting. Ayana went to Lingua for five years, passed all levels, received a certificate. In Lingua, the strong emphasis
do for the teaching of English grammar.
At the last level, the classes are conducted by native speakers. Ayana had a teacher Matthew.
On the first day she was strongly impressed by his occupation. He talked about himself, they became friends with the group, told funny stories. Now Ayana
often sets us as an example.
Now when Ayana hears English speech from foreigners in Bishkek, he understands them, can translate to us.
If we compare Lingua with other English courses in Bishkek, then we think that they are in the first place.
Our second daughter, Adia, also attends Lingua courses, for individual lessons. We hope that she will also successfully finish all levels.

Mama Ayana Asel Dzhakksmbayeva.