About Lingua school you can leave only positive feedback. English is studied easily, lessons are often held in a playful form. The training program is designed in such a way that it is suitable for almost any student. Thanks to native speakers and Talking clubs, I increased my speaking level. Thanks to my knowledge, which I received at the courses, in the future I worked at the American Center, got friends at the former US military base, with whom we still communicate, we are friends. It was easy for me to consult foreign visitors. In 2016 people from all over the world came to the World Games of nomads, and I enjoyed hearing from them. English is very useful to me in tourism. Of course, over time, much is forgotten, the vocabulary is lost if you do not practice for a long time. However, the main base is postponed in the head for a year. I advised all my friends to learn English in Lingua, as my friend once advised) I do not regret that I chose these courses. Classes, though not every day, but three times a week + conversational, but I believe that such a study does not bother. A person does not get tired of the fact that every day you need to cram, teach.
Special thanks to Olga Shabelskaya, Olga Balut) And also Tom and Gulnara Nazarbekova)
Success and prosperity!